I have 7 years of experience in the software development industry, as a software developer and project leader. Here are some of my past experiences.


  • Norway frigates SKJOLD and Franco-Italian frigates HORIZON
    Technical leader and project leader (CMMi 3), with a team of 4 persons for the realization of the Real Time Simulator « Automatic Identification System » (AIS), evolutions of the tactical simulator (seaman’s training).
    Specification, Conception and development of 5 other simulators (calculator in Ada and GUI in C++/Qt) : Fire Control Tracker, Decoy Launcher System, Torpedo Launch System, Air Transceiver, Principal Anti-Air Missile System.
    Techonologies: Ada, C++, Qt, Linux, CMMi tools, OWB, Doors

  • 3D simulation projects
    Evolution of NeVis, a 3D demonstrator for urban warfare.
    Realization of two demonstrators:
    Integration of BlueBerry 3D into Delta 3D.
    Helicopter simulation under Vega Prime.
    Technologies: C++, Vega Prime, VRForces, HLA, BlueBerry 3D, Delta 3D