Corentin Dupont

Create-Net, Italy (link)
University of Trento, Italy (link)


My career path is a bit atypical. In three lines:

  • I have worked in the industry for 7 years in France for clients such as the French Navy (DCNS), EADS, Thales and PSA PEUGEOT CITROEN.
  • In 2010, I re-oriented my career toward research and moved to Italy, to work on topic such as Cloud Computing and Internet of Things in the research centre Create-Net.
  • I have also completed a PhD in Computer Science in 2016 with the University of Trento, Italy.

Research Overview

My research interests are around resource optimization in data centres, functional programming and constraint programming.

I am part of these EU FP7/H2020 projects:

  • WaziHub: Accelerating IoT and Big Data innovation in Africa.
  • Waziup: Open Innovation Platform for IoT and Big-Data in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • DC4Cities: better use of renewable energies (solar, wind, hydro) in data centres.
  • iCore: use cognitive technologies to adress the heterogeneity of the vast amount of object interconnected in the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm.

See my research page for other projects, or my publications page for a list of papers.

Software Development

I am the main author and maintainer of the following softwares:

  • Nomyx: A unique game where YOU can change the rules
  • Waziup: An IoT and Big Data platform for remote areas
  • Plug4Green: A Virtual Machine manager able to save 20% of energy in data centres
  • EASC: An application controler allowing to use more renewable energies in data centres


  • Accelerate all the things!April 20, 2018

    We are all gathering in Kampala, Uganda to launch our new project: WAZIHUB! This project follows WAZIUP (don’t mix them!). We will “accelerate” all the ideas and technologies developped in the previous project. This means lauching many startups using IoT technologies in Africa!

  • CloudComDecember 16, 2016

    I participated in CloudCom conference. We presented a demo called “PaaS4IoT”: a neat prototype combining Cloud, IoT and edge computing!

  • Doctor!April 28, 2016

    Just finished the exam for PhD award today! Several years of work reaching to an end… You can find the complete thesis here, and the talk slides here.

  • Thesis handed out!March 20, 2016

    I just handed out my PhD thesis “Energy Adaptive Infrastructure for Sustainable Cloud Data Centres”! Wow that feels good!

  • Back to AfricaFebruary 2, 2016

    Today we launch our new project called WAZIUP. It’s a cooperation EU-Africa on Internet of Things and Big Data. We are all in Dakar for this exiting event!

  • Chairing the IoT360 Summer SchoolOctober 30, 2015

    I’m chairing the IoT360 Summer school this week. Nice experience!

  • IoT360 HackathonOctober 30, 2015

    The last day of the IoT360 Summer school is a Hackathon. We have experts from Viper and Libelium to assist us and provide all the necessary equipement!

  • DC4Cities videoSeptember 21, 2015

    My project DC4Cities issued a new video! I am featuring in it! Check around 1’30 ;)


  • Paper accepted in Utility and Cloud Computing conferenceSeptember 13, 2015

    My paper was accepted in the Utility and Cloud Computing conference to be held in Cyprus in Decembre.

  • Poster in ICT4S/EnviroInfo conferenceSeptember 7, 2015

    I just presented my poster in ICT4S/EnviroInfo conference in Copenhagen. It was very nicely organised. The format was different than usual boring conferences, each paper being resented in ConverStations.

  • DC4Cities second review meetingSeptember 1, 2015

    We just finished the second review meeting with the European commission! We were grilled with questions, but at the end it went OK.

  • Haskell presentation @ CNMay 25, 2015

    I presented the Haskell programming language at Create-Net. Check-out the slides!

  • International Winter School on Big DataJanuary 26, 2015

    I attended BigDat 2015, a winter school on big data. The subject is popular (and vaguely defined sometime), it was packed with students. Some of the courses that most interrested me: big data programming (Hadoop, Spark, Storm), big data visualization, social networks.

  • DC4Cities first year review accepted!October 23, 2014

    We went to Brussels to present the work done in the first year of the project in front of two reviewers and the project officer of the European Commission. That went very well! All deliverables are accepted.

  • Paper accepted in Ad Hoc Networks JournalAugust 22, 2014

    My paper “Plug4Green: A Flexible Energy-aware VM Manager to Fit Data Centre Particularities” has been accepted for publication in the Ad Hoc Networks Journal, special edition on Energy-Aware Data Centers! This is a great achievement since this is my first journal paper. Ad Hoc Networks is a very good journal. We present in this paper our prototype “Plug4Green”, an energy-aware VM manager based on Constraint Programming.

  • Paper accepted at E2DC 2014June 10, 2014

    My paper “Building Application Profiles to Allow a Better Usage of the Renewable Energies in Data Centres” has been accepted at the workshop E2DC 2014 (colocated with E-Energy conference)! In fact I will present it this very afternoon in Cambridge, UK. I’m getting used to this workshop and conference since it’s the third time I’m attending :)

  • Nomyx presented at Zurihac 2014June 7, 2014

    I attended Zurihac 2014, in which I presented my game Nomyx for the first time in front of 50 fellow Haskellers. We also started a tutorial session and a tournament during the event! This was an amazing experience.

  • PhD Research proposal accepted!January 21, 2014

    I successfully passed my qualifying exam! I had to submit a paper with my research proposal, plus preliminary results, to the examination comitee. I presented my research proposal to this jury. It was accepted! Now, on to second year of PhD.

  • DC4Cities started!September 1, 2013

    A cool project aiming at better using renewable energies in data centres. Gartner estimated that the global impact of the ICT sector is 2% of the global CO2 emissions, which is approximately the same as fuel consumption from the airline industry. Among that, data centres are tremendous energy consumers, regardless of what type of energy it is (green or fossile). Our objective is to research new technologies to foster a better usage of renewable energies in data centres. The main idea is to shift the workload in the data centre to make it run when the renewable energies are available (for example, when the sun is shining for solar energy).

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